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An introduction.

Hello and welcome to The Fourth Wall. This website exists because of a love for all things theatre. My name is Daniel and I have been apart of community theatre for my entire adult life. I have been on stage and backstage, on committees and in the audience. I love theatre. I also knew that I wanted a space for me and my friends to talk about theatre and to share our thoughts on productions we have seen.

Here at The Fourth Wall we have some rules. 1. This is not an exercise of ego, we are not here to build ourselves up nor do we want to tear each other down. Our reviews are written with love and respect. 2. Any and all criticism will be honest, constrictive and kind- Every person involved in a production gives their all. If you watch community theatre you do so with the knowledge that this is not anyones first job. This is a hobby and a passion.

3. We will be as objective as possible. Where possible we will not review companies where we have connections. If this is not possible we will be transparent and make our connections known.

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