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A power struggle is coming to The Henry Lawson Theatre, but only one can wear the crown.

About the show Mary Stuart is about one of Histories Greatest Rivalries. A battle of wits, blood and broken hearts -,the iconic tale of Mary, Queen of Scots and Elizabeth I of England. Two incredibly powerful women, one sits on the throne, the other is locked in a cell. Following an uprising, Mary has fled Scotland only to be imprisoned in England. Elizabeth feels threatened – Mary is younger, more beloved, and with her own claim to the throne. In a world dominated by double-crossing men, these remarkable monarchs scheme and struggle to hold on to power. Do they have more in common than they realise? In another life, another time, the cousins might have been friends. The question now is whether Elizabeth will release Mary – or execute her. Name and role: Heather McGreal, Director Tell us about yourself: This is my third time directing and my second with Henry Lawson Theatre. Outside of theatre I do sewing and costume creation, the two kids take up a lot of time. I enjoy the creativity and community of theatre and love heading a collaboration with my cast. What can audiences look forward to when they come see the show? Audiences can look forward to an artistic representation of two of the most powerful women in British history coming to head. The costumes are amazing, the performances touching.

How has the rehearsal process been? It has been great working with the cast to bring the characters (back) to life. Their dedication has been amazing and it shows in the performances. Mary Stuart is a script that works with strong emotions and words left unsaid and everyone has worked hard to understand where the chatacters come from historically and emotionally in this moment of time.

What do you like about the show? Why did you choose to be involved?  I am drawn to historical dramas and to shows that highlight strong females who helped shape the world we know today. This play centers on a conflict of two powerful amazing women who shaped government and faith. I love that it provides opportunity for older talented actors to take center stage.

Which cast member do you think audiences should keep an eye out for? Keep an eye out for the amazing costumes, my two amazing queens and the chemistry between them, and the more subtle but important depiction of Girl, Aimee only in her tweens has stepped up to give life to the every girl of medieval England. Easy to miss like every servant but such a mature performance for one so young.

What do you want the audience to think about? What is the message of the show? I’m not sure what audiences will think of the show, I hope they will feel the emotions, fear, anger, regret, that orbit the entire show. I hope they will understand that this play exists in an area of grey where every day is a fight for your life and right and wrong are not as clear as we would want. I hope they will empathize with Elizabeth and Mary who should have both been amazing leaders, side by side as cousins and friends, but history couldn’t provide that opportunity. Catch Mary Stuart presented by Henry Lawson Theatre from April 19th - 27th. For more information and ticketing go to this link.

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