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Big Girls don't Cry, particularly those who dont miss out on Willoughby Theatre Company's Jersey Boys.

About the show

JERSEY BOYS will be gracing The Concourse stage in a spectacular production that promises to leave you dancing in your seats. This electrifying musical traces the remarkable rise of four talented individuals from humble beginnings to becoming the iconic Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons. Prepare to be swept away by a narrative of friendship, dedication, and the pursuit of musical stardom that spans over four unforgettable decades. JERSEY BOYS has rightfully earned its place as the Best Musical at both the Tony Awards and Olivier Awards, setting a standard of excellence in the world of theatre. With chart-topping hits such as "Sherry," "Big Girls Don't Cry," and "Walk Like a Man," the show's music is a testament to its enduring popularity and universal appeal.

Name and role: Luc-Pierre Tannous playing the role of Frankie Valli

Tell us about yourself: I have been obsessed with performing ever since I was a toddler, but it wasn’t until 2014 that I did my first School Production that set my career into motion. Ever since then I’ve been jumping from show to show without ever getting sick of it! The part I enjoy most about theatre is the magical moment onstage when you can feel that the show has moved people in some way, whether it’s made them laugh or cry…it addictive stuff! I’m currently studying a Diploma of Musical Theatre at NIDA and hoping to move into a professional career in the theatre. Outside of theatre, I love to cook and bake!

What can audiences look forward to when they come see the show? The audiences can be guaranteed an absolute party in the theatre and a throwback to some of the best music of the 60s!

How has the rehearsal process been? For anyone who knows Jersey Boys well, they know it’s no mean feat. There are just so many elements involved that have to operate like clockwork for the show to run…luckily, we have had the most brilliant production team guiding us through the rehearsals.

What do you like about the show? Why did you choose to be involved?  The first time I saw Jersey Boys was in Wollongong in 2021, featuring Jayden Sierra as Frankie Valli, and I left that theatre blown away and absolutely inspired. The music, the true story of rags to riches, it’s just one of the best shows ever written! I knew I identified so strongly with the character of Frankie and I knew I wanted to play him one day…so when I saw Willoughby Theatre Company announce this as their first 2024 show, I was so, so excited!

Which cast member do you think audiences should keep an eye out for? Sterling Nasa as Bob Gaudio is a revelation. He brings a new charisma and attitude to Gaudio that I’ve never seen before…and that paired with his insane musical talent makes him an absolute standout!

What do you want the audience to think about? What is the message of the show? The beauty of Jersey Boys is the fact that it is a true story! It’s a real depiction of how the Four Seasons made their name, all the risks they took, the problems they faced, and how life isn’t always perfect, but with enough drive you can accomplish anything!

Willoughby Theatre Company's production of Jersey Boys runs from 17 May - 2 June 2024. Use the following link for more information/ ticketing.

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