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Get ready for takeoff with Hunter Hill Theatre's Boeing Boeing!

Updated: Feb 21

About the Show When one door opens another closes as lying lothario Bernard, who is engaged to three international flight attendants, juggles detailed airline timetables to keep his ‘fiancées’ from finding out about each other. He manages to keep ‘one up, one down and one pending!' Then bad weather and a fast new Boeing jet put his three ladies on a collision course… crash landing together in his Paris apartment!


Maggie Scott, playing the role of Bertha. Laura Stead, Playing Gloria Tell us about yourself!

Maggie: As the eldest member of cast I can definitely claim to have been doing shows before the others in the young and cool cast were even born! Over the years I have switched from acting to mainly directing but I’m loving the buzz of a return to acting in what is a jewel of a role, as the grumpy Parisian maid who keeps all the plates spinning. Laura: I have always loved performing and from the moment I could walk I was dancing! I started dancing at age 3, finding a love for the stage, and by the time I reached high school, my passion for acting had taken a strong hold in my life. I joined youth theatres, drama clubs and at the age of 18, moved from England to Los Angeles to attend the American Academy of Dramatic Arts Drama School. Following graduation, I dabbled in a number of theatre and screen roles as well as cheerleading for the Leeds Rhinos Super League club, before life took me on a new adventure and I found myself in Sydney! I filled my creative cup by being an NRL Cheerleader for 4 seasons before my body got the best of me! Feeling the void following my cheer retirement, I felt the pull of the stage and I found Hunter Hills Theatre Company were auditioning for 'Secret Bridesmaids' Business' in 2022. I went along with no expectations and not knowing anyone and landed a role, where I met some fabulous people and a respect for the company. Less than a year later I performed again with them as Fury in 'When Dad Married Fury' and now I'm back for 'Boeing Boeing!' Outside of my creative world, I have a massive sweet tooth and currently work as a baker for a cookie company alongside running my own petite dog clothes business after not being able to find options to fit my handsome little pomeranian, Pudding. I also have a keen interest in fiction writing and am exploring writing a couple of books! What can audiences look forward to when they come see Boeing Boeing? Maggie: A light-hearted night of sheer entertainment, with a lot of laughs. Laura: A LOT of laughter! It's going to be an entertaining show for sure and audiences are going to leave with a big smile on their faces!

How has the rehearsal process been? Maggie: Exhausting but a huge amount of fun. I hope audiences have as much fun watching us perform it.

Laura: Great so far! The cast have all gelled really well from the beginning which has meant we can have fun whilst we explore our character choices and learn what works and what doesn't when workshopping the scenes. The crew have all be amazing behind the scenes, bringing together costume, props, lighting etc which has made our jobs as actors so much more seamless when stepping into character.

What do you like about the show? Why did you choose to be involved?

Maggie: I love that such an apparently dated farce is in fact as funny now as it was when it was first staged. And also, that what at first glance appears to be a sexist jaunt in favour of the blokes turns out quite differently to what might be expected. I chose to be involved because I couldn't resist the temptation of playing such a priceless character as Bertha. Laura: It's a pure comedy. The characters all have their little 'quirks' (some which may not have aged so well!) but we have found a way to make them our own in a more modern tone and keep them relatable to an extent. I wanted to be a part of something that I knew audiences would be chuckling throughout. There is something about hearing an audience laughing with such joy that gives a cast so much energy and enjoyment and I knew it would be a memorable production to be involved in!

Other than yourself, which cast member do you think audiences should keep an eye out for? Who is really bringing it?

Maggie: I couldn’t single anyone out. It’s very much an ensemble piece and I think everyone’s brilliant! Laura: Honestly, there isn't a solo cast member who outshines the others. Everyone is brilliant in their roles and I feel very lucky to be working with such a talented cast and crew.

What do you want the audience to think about? What is the message of the show?

Maggie: No deep and meaningful message in this one, except maybe liars beware… A pure piece of silliness in the tradition of great 1960’s French farce. Laura: I will leave that up to the audience and their own interpretation and opinion...!

Make sure to catch Hunters Hill Theatre's production of Boeing Boeing which runs from 8 - 24 March. Click this link for ticketing and further information.

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