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North Shore Theatre Company is out to prove that Spies are Forever!

About the show Four years after a tragic banana related accident, super spy Curt Mega struggles to return to his former glory, masking his grief and guilt with charisma and booze. But when the American Secret Service (A.S.S) uncovers an evil plot Curt is thrust into the field to save the world once again. Equipped with a licence to kill and the voice of an angel, Agent Mega must team up with Russian femme fatale, infiltrate opulent casinos, and outsmart an outrageous horde of villains from black market arms dealer to the Deadliest Man Alive. With shadowy Cold War politics and advanced technologies quickly changing the world of espionage, it’s time for Mega to face the music and ask himself: does a future even exist for a suave gentleman spy anymore?

Name: Matt Dorahy (Director) and Jess Luth (Choreographer) Tell us a little about yourself!

Matt: I have been doing shows since i was 15, and this is the 3rd show i have directed. I work as a live actor, voice actor and game master at Next Level Escape rooms. I thoroughly enjoy the overwhelming feeling of seeing my own creations on stage. I always sob as i am filled with so much gratitude!

Jess: My first step into community was 2020 and I haven't been able to leave since. I first had the opportunity to assistant choreograph a production, with this show being my first full choreographic credit. I currently work as an event producer and hope to combine my experience and love for theatre in the long-term. Being a choreographer brings immense joy, especially when the cast feels confident performing and you can see their growth and enjoyment on stage.

We first worked together in 2022 on a production of In Pieces by Joey Contreras, with UTS Backstage. It was Matts directorial debut, and Jess was assistant choreographer, and we grew a strong bond as we worked on the show together. This led us to getting to perform together in the University Theatre Cup where we performed a 10-minute musical theatre medley. (footage can be found at @mattdorahy on Instagram) Which resulted with us writing our own full length show that we are still yet to perform :(. Though we did not plan to do Spies are Forever together, it was a happy coincidence when we both got the call and found out we would be working together again!

What can audiences look forward to? COMEDIC GOLD. This cast as a collection are some of the funniest actors we have ever seen. Their comedic timing and ability to enhance a scene is unmatched. Paired with the directorial beats, new choreography and incredibly talented band this show will be something unique for Sydney theatre audiences which we can't wait to share.

What has the rehearsal process been like? The rehearsal process has been rewarding to say the least. Working with this cast and the rest of the production team has been an incredible experience. The cast has grown in their confidence throughout the rehearsal period, constantly wowing us and bringing new and unique acting choices to each moment on stage. The creativity, support and general energy of the rehearsal room each day is unmatched and experiencing the cast cheer and laugh each other on always makes us feel proud and beyond confident in our casting decisions.

What do you like about the show? What drew you to it? As it is a lesser known show, there is only one recording of it on Youtube (the original cast), so a lot of the work we created was built from the ground up allowing us to create nuance in the material and really explore the intention behind the story, and exploring the style and genres that best fit this version of the show that the cast and team have made their own.

Which Cast members should audiences watch out for? Who is killing it?!

There are a few impressive standouts in the cast, first of which is Toby Rowe (He/Him) who plays the leading role of Curt Mega, i genuinely do not have to say anything else, as his performance speaks for itself. Our ensemble has worked very hard to create the energy of the show,

The original cast was made of 8 and we decided to go forward with a cast of 19 who elevate this show and establish each character as their own with great depth and precision. Out of our incredible ensemble we would like to shine a spotlight on Sylvie Mei (She/her), who will be making her Theatre debut with this show. She has worked tirelessly in all her roles, including the role of Informant in our understudy shows which she will be doing alongside her multitude of ensemble tracks that she absolutely nails, while also bringing the energy to every rehearsal supporting every cast member and supplying donuts.

Also a special mention to Milo Kidd (any/all) who features as Owen Carvour, and has worked extremely hard on their detailed character analysis (I am looking at the hours long Owen playlist he has made). The detail and attention she has provided to each acting decision for this role will ensure this typical princess track is one that will stay with audiences even after the curtains close. In saying this all of our cast shines equally and the audience will see all the energy and effort that each individual has put into their performances.

What do you want the audience to walk away thinking about?

We want the audience to forget about their serious lives for a few hours and sit back and enjoy a silly little show that makes the audience think about the themes of the show while also leaving with stitches from laughter.

Spies are Forever delves into topics such as found family, finding ones identity, grief and acknowledging the past through beautiful musical and physical motifs while also delving into the side of parody of the traditional spy story. This show contains very strong themes, portrayed in comedic matters that aim not to dismiss but rather to apply a critical and satirical lens on topics that are so clearly unethical in nature. The characters aligning with these views are not the good guys and the spoof like direction of these scenes entertains while also emphasising the lack of sense present.

North Shore Theatre Companys production of Spies Are Forever takes place at the Zenith Theatre in Chatswood on the following dates: 08/03, 09/03, 13/03, 15/03, 16/03.

For more information and ticketing use this link.

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